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Our Approach and Expertise

Core Methodology

We propose to apply the the well-known Prepare-Plan-Design-Implement-Operate life cycle model. It delivers a suitable approach in most cases.


The cloud strategy for your organization is the key instrument to paving the path towards a cloud-based service model and to break with legacy operational approaches. When anticipating major changes in a business model or operational model, the strategy provides guidance in reaching architecture and design decisions for those phases following the strategy.


The cloud solution for your organization is functionally described in the target architecture. We propose defining and using building blocks to describe the solution. Each building block represents a specific functional or physical area in the infrastructure. Building blocks are described through their capabilities and how they interact with each other.


The design describes the architecture in further detail by focusing on non-functional aspects. Physical and logical topologies explain the solution. The design describes which technologies are chosen and how they get applied.


The implementation plan delivers the play-book for the roll-out of the greenfield domains of the new infrastructure. We leverage an automated and repeatable DevOps approach for the implementation where-ever possible.


Migration strategy and migration planning support the transformation from the today's infrastructure - your future legacy - into your new network or cloud solution. We leverage an automated and repeatable DevOps approach for the migration where-ever possible